Beta feature: Upload plugins, from within GoCD, without restarting the server

Note: This is a beta feature, which is turned off by default. It can be turned on using the system environment property go.plugin.upload.enabled. The property can be updated in the following ways, On linux add the following line to /etc/default/go-server
export GO_SERVER_SYSTEM_PROPERTIES='-Dgo.plugin.upload.enabled=true'
On windows, in the config folder of the GoCD server installation, edit/create the wrapper-properties.conf file, and add an additional property with the value '-Dgo.plugin.upload.enabled=true'. For example:'-Dgo.plugin.upload.enabled=true'

Without this feature turned on, the plugins list page looks like this:

Plugins list - Without feature turned on

When this feature is turned on, the plugins list page will include a form to upload a plugin:

Plugins list - With feature turned on

For this upload to work, you need to turn on another flag during startup (sorry, there is a reason for not turning this on, though). The system property you need to set is pluginLocationMonitor.sleepTimeInSecs. You can set that to something like 3 seconds, by changing GO_SERVER_SYSTEM_PROPERTIES to include -DpluginLocationMonitor.sleepTimeInSecs=3, for instance.

Once you have that setup, and add a plugin using the upload form above, you'll see a message about the successful save of the plugin. Within 3 seconds (property you set earlier), the plugin will be loaded, and you can see it when you refresh the plugin listing page.

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