Save Properties for a Build

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    Saving properties about a build

    When building your code, there can be quite a bit of extra information that you are interested in. For example, you might run EMMA on your code in order to log code coverage. With properties, you can save this information, and even look at the history of a property (by way of an exported spreadsheet).

    Example usage

    Usage: As a developer, I want to save the average cyclomatic complexity of a function (pulled from JavaNCSS).

    For this example, we’re going to take the information out of “target/javancss/javancss_metrics_util.xml”

    • On the Administration Tab, edit the job that should generate the properties
    • Ensure the following “properties” block is in the job configuration

    • Now, after that job has run, you should have extra properties information on the Job Details page

    • You can export the property history as a CSV file