Pipeline Activity in GoCD

The "Pipeline Activity" page shows the history of stages for each pipeline label over the life of a specific pipeline.

Pipeline Activity Page


  1. The revision number and "Triggered by" provide a quick look at who activated this pipeline and why. Click "Triggered by" to show a list of comments and revisions.
  2. Hover over a stage in the pipeline configuration box to see info and stage re-run icon (see points 4 & 5 for further details).
  3. This indicates a manual gate, which is waiting for approval. This could be the case where a stage needs manual approval or when a stage has failed.
  4. Click the info icon which appears on hovering over the stage, to show stage details.
  5. Upon hovering over a completed stage, this button can be used to re-run that particular stage. This option re-builds that stage and continues to build the subsequent stages from there on.
  6. This indicates a stage that has not yet been run.
  7. This indicates that the following stage has already been approved to run, either manually or automatically.
  8. Yellow indicates that a stage is in progress.
  9. This indicates there is a change in configuration such as a stage name update or stage trigger update.
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