Pipeline Activity in GoCD

The "Pipeline Activity" page shows the history of stages for each pipeline label over the life of a specific pipeline.

Pipeline Activity Page


  1. Hover over a stage in the pipeline configuration box to see further options for that stage
  2. Click the info icon which appears on a stage on hover to show stage details
  3. Use this button to re-run a particular stage. This option re-builds a stage and continues to build the subsequent stages thereon. This option is only available on a completed stage
  4. This indicates Approval that has already been triggered, either automatically or manually
  5. This indicates Approvals that have not yet been triggered. This could be the case where a stage needs manual approval or when a stage has failed
  6. This indicates a stage that has not yet been run.
  7. The revision number and "modified by" provide a quick look at who activated this pipeline and why. Click "modified by" to show a list of comments and revisions
  8. An yellow color indicates that a stage is in progress
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