Agent Health Check API

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    Agent Health Check API

    Note: Using this feature requires atleast version 17.11.0 of the GoCD server and agent.

    The health check API allows users to monitor if the agent is connected to the server and is authorized to perform a build.


    The API uses the following configurable agent system properties.

    Property Values
    go.agent.status.api.enabled Defaults to true. Set to false to disable health check api end-point Defaults to localhost.Set to a specific ip address or hostname to bind to that host. Set to to bind to all network interfaces.
    go.agent.status.api.bind.port Defaults to 8152. Set to 0 to use an ephemeral port, which will be displayed in a log statement.

    *In case the http server is unable to bind (usually because of port conflicts, or multiple agents running on the same machine), a warning will be emitted to the console log and agent startup will continue.

    Configuring Health API for multiple Agents on a Single Machine

    In case of multiple agents running on a single machine, the user must explicitly configure the go.agent.status.api properties for each of the agents.

    On Linux Machine

    To configure the properties on linux machine, edit the file corresponding to the agent at /etc/default/go-agent


    Or have the following property set in the agent shell

    export GO_AGENT_SYSTEM_PROPERTIES=-Dgo.agent.status.api.bind.port=8158

    On Windows Machine

    Follow the instructions to add a new property for GoCD agents setup on windows