Plugin User Guide

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    GoCD Plugin User Guide


    Plugins allow users to extend the functionality of GoCD. Each plugin is assigned an identifier which is determined by the id attribute provided in plugin metadata file packaged along with the plugin jar. If the metadata file is not packaged, plugin jar file name will be taken as plugin id. Plugins are classified into two categories - Bundled and External. During startup, GoCD server would try to load all the plugins. On successful load, the plugin will be converted into an OSGi bundle and extracted into <server installation directory>/plugins_work directory. Plugins tab, under GoCD server Administration, would list all the loaded plugins.

    Bundled versus External

    • Bundled Plugins: As the name suggests, bundled plugins are bundled/packaged along with GoCD server. These were originally developed by the Thoughtworks GoCD development team, and are now maintained by the GoCD community alongside the server. Bundled plugins are located under <server installation directory>/plugins/bundled directory. After an upgrade, when GoCD server starts up for the first time, all bundled plugins would be refreshed with the latest packaged versions.

    • External Plugins: All user authored plugins, and some GoCD Development Team plugins are treated as external plugins. Unlike bundled plugins, external plugins are not altered (read packaged/bundled/refreshed/removed/modified) during a GoCD server upgrade. External plugins are loaded from <server installation directory>/plugins/external directory. Listing of external plugins

    Installing and Uninstalling of plugins

    You need access to the GoCD server machine to be able to install/uninstall a plugin. To install a plugin, drop the plugin jar under the external plugin directory ( <server installation directory>/plugins/external ) and restart GoCD server. To uninstall a plugin, remove the plugin jar from the external plugin directory ( <server installation directory>/plugins/external ) and restart GoCD server.

    Plugins Tab

    Plugins tab can be found under GoCD server Administration. Plugins tab shows all the plugins that have been loaded currently along with its details and status. If a plugin is marked invalid or incompatible, the reasons for the same would be reported here.


    • Add/delete/upgrade of a plugin will take effect only after a GoCD server restart.
    • Two plugins cannot have same id irrespective of whether it is a bundled or an external plugin.
    • If two external plugins with same id are available, only one of them will be loaded successfully in no specific order.
    • If a bundled and an external plugin with same id are available, only bundled plugin wll be loaded.