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    It is often useful to receive an email when certain status changes occur in a stage. For example, a developer might want to know when their own check-in has broken the build. Alternatively, a manager might want an email whenever a project is deployed into production. Both of these scenarios can be covered by Notification Filters

    Notifications will only work if Security is enabled and mailhost information is correct.

    Example usage

    Usage: As a developer, I want to be notified when I break a build on “acceptance” pipeline.

    • Click on the Preferences tab

    • Click “Edit” and enter the email address, and make sure “Enable email notification” is checked

    • When I check in, my source control log in will be either “User” or “username”, so enter both of those into the “My check-in aliases” box

    • Click “Save” to store these values

    • Add a filter for the “twist-plugins” stage of “acceptance” pipeline to notify me when a check-in of mine breaks the build


    You can set up notifications for different events

    • All - all the runs for the stage
    • Passes - the passed runs for the stage
    • Fails - the stage run that continues to fail
    • Breaks - the stage run that broke the build
    • Fixed - the stage run that fixed the previous failure
    • Cancelled - the stage run that was cancelled

    Previous state influences Event type

    The table below shows how the previous state can influence the triggered event:

    Previous state Current state Event
    Pass Fail Breaks
    Fail Fail Fails
    Fail Pass Fixed
    Pass Pass Passes

    I’ll be emailed whenever the “twist-plugins” stage of “acceptance” pipeline breaks due to my check-in

    I’ll be emailed whenever the “build” stage of “plugins” pipeline fails due to my check-in

    I’ll be emailed whenever the “upload-installers” stage of “distributions-all” pipeline passes for any check-in

    I’ll be emailed on all events for any stage of “regression” pipeline for my check-in

    Users can also select to get notifications for a particular (or all) event on any stage of any pipeline.

    I’ll be emailed whenever any stage of any pipeline fails due to my check-in