Delegating Group Administration

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    Delegating Group Administration

    A GoCD Administrator can authorize users and roles to be administrators for Pipeline Groups. These group administrators have certain privileges which are explained in the section “Privileges of a Group Administrator”.

    Steps to assign Group Administrators

    To assign a user as a group administrator:

    1. Click on “Pipelines” tab on the Admin section
    2. Locate the group you want to assign a group administrator to
    3. Click the “Edit” link for that group
    4. Here, you can define permissions for users and roles

    In the above screenshot, the GoCD admin has delegated group admin privileges to a user “jez” and all users defined under the role “groupAdminRole”. The privileges of a Group Administrator have been described in the next section.

    For power users, here’s how you’d assign the same permissions via Config XML:

    <pipelines group="studios">
                <user> jez </user>
                <role> groupAdminRole </role>
         <pipeline name="go_pipeline">

    Privileges of a Group Administrator

    As a group administrator of a pipeline group, a user is privileged to:

    • View and operate (trigger, rerun stages etc.) all the pipelines in this group.
    • Add other group administrators to this group
    • Authorize users/roles with ‘view’ and ‘operate’ permissions for this pipeline group.
    • Add to and delete pipelines from the group.
    • Add a pipeline using the “Add New Pipeline” wizard, but only to the groups they are allowed to administer.
    • Edit pipelines belonging to the group including renaming, adding, deleting and modifying stages and jobs.
    • Use APIs to view and operate (trigger, rerun stages etc.) all the pipelines in this group.
    • Use APIs to edit pipelines belonging to this group.

    Note: A group administrator can access “Pipelines” and “Config XML” tabs on the Administration page to view and edit his/her pipeline groups. He/She cannot access Server Configuration or perform user management. While a group administrator cannot access Pipeline Templates either, they can use existing templates for pipelines within their pipeline group.