Installing GoCD

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    Installing GoCD

    GoCD consists of two installable components. The GoCD Server and one or more GoCD Agents. They have a one-to-many relationship in that many GoCD agents can connect to one GoCD Server. To do any real work, you need at least one agent, since agents are the real builders or work executors in the system.

    Since installation instructions vary per operating system, the installation instruction pages linked below will ask you to choose your operating system and then provide you instructions for that operating system.

    Whatever operating systems you install the GoCD server and (at least one) GoCD agent on, the default port used by the server is 8153 (HTTP). So, after installation you should be able to access http://localhost:8153 and see a screen such as this:

    Initial screen, upon installation

    Once the agent is started, switching to the agents tab by clicking on the “Agents” link in the header should take you to a screen where the agent shows up and is idle. Like this:

    Agents screen, with one idle agent

    An agent or agents can be installed on any node, and not necessarily the node that the GoCD Server is installed on. The only requirement is that port 8153 of the GoCD Server (or an alternative HTTPS port, if using a fronting reverse proxy) is accessible from the node that the agents are installed on.

    If you are still having trouble with the installation, take a look at the troubleshooting guide.