Policy in GoCD

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    A policy is a set of permissions for GoCD entities such as environments, configuration repositories, etc. The policy defines the access of a GoCD entity for the users in a role. GoCD supports a restrictive model of access i.e. until access is granted, the entity can’t be accessed by anyone (except admins).

    A permission consists of 3 values:

    1. Type: The type of GoCD entity. Supported values are environment, config-repo. Wildcard(*) is also permitted which means all supported values.
    2. Action: The action which is controlled. Supported values are view and administer
    3. Resource: The resource can be the name of entity or a pattern consisting of wildcard (*) matching one or more entities

    Currently, GoCD has 2 types of permissions:

    • Allow: The allow permission grants access to the specified entity for the specific action.
    • Deny: The deny permission restricts the access to the specified entity for the specific action.

    Note: If both the permission are specified for the same entity, the deny permission takes precendence.

    Privilege-Action Matrix

    Each GoCD entity has a set of actions which grants/restricts control on a granular level. The following matrix describes the same.


    1. API

      Index Get Create Update Patch Delete
    2. UI

      List Create Update Delete

    Config Repo

    1. API

      Index Get Create Update Delete
    2. UI

      List Create Refresh Update Delete

    Configure policy

    1. Login into your GoCD server.

    2. Go to Admin menu → Role Configuration.

      "Navigate to role configuration"

    3. Click on Add button.

      "Add Role Button"

    4. Enter a unique name for role configuration.

    5. Click on Add Permission button.

      "Add Permission Button"

    6. Select permission as Allow, type as Environment, action as View. Enter resource value as *. This will grant view permission for all environments to the users which has this role.

      "Define Permission"

    7. Click on Save button.

    Once the role has been created, go ahead and add users to the same. The access to the GoCD entities for these users will governed as per permissions configured.