Compare Builds

GoCD allows you to compare any two builds of a pipeline and see exactly what changes happened between those two instances. The information in this view will include:

  • Code checkins
  • Upstream pipelines
  • Story/defect numbers (when linked to a tracking tool)

Accessing Pipeline Compare

There are several locations from where the Pipeline Compare feature can be invoked. These include:

  • Pipelines Dashboard page (the "Compare" link in each pipeline)
  • Environments page
  • Stage Details page
  • Stage History widget within the Stage Details page

Understanding the Pipeline Compare Screen

The Pipeline Compare screen lets you compare any two instances of a pipeline. Every pipeline instance is associated with a set of changes; be it a source control modification or an upstream pipeline. Performing a compare lets you easily identify exactly what these changes were.


  1. To/from search box: You can search for the appropriate pipeline instance using any of the following - pipeline label, check-in comment, person who checked in, upstream pipeline label and revision.
  2. Upstream dependency changes: All the changes to upstream pipelines within the search range.
  3. Changes to version control systems: All check-ins that went into dependent VCS materials within the search range.
  4. Tracking tool integration: If you've configured a tracking tool integration for this pipeline or any upstream pipelines, check-in comments containing story/defect/ticket numbers would be hyperlinked to the appropriate tracking tool.

Using Pipeline History

You can also select a pipeline by browsing the pipeline history.


Steps to select a particular instance from the history:

  1. Click on the search box
  2. Click on "Browse the timeline"
  3. Browse the history and select a pipeline

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