Installing GoCD server on Mac OS X

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    Installing GoCD server on Mac OS X

    • Download the Mac OS X installer for GoCD Server from downloads page.

    • Unzip the installer in a directory of your choice. It creates a sub-directory with the name go-server-${version}.

    • Mark the directory as not quarantined by Mac OS X so that it allows the GoCD Server to be started:

      # Assuming, for example, that the directory is "go-server-20.5.0".
      $ cd go-server-20.5.0
      $ xattr -d -r .
      xattr: [Errno 13] Permission denied: './jre/Contents/Home/lib/server/classes.jsa'
      xattr: [Errno 13] Permission denied: './jre/Contents/Home/legal/jdk.dynalink/'
      ... # These "Permission denied" warnings can be ignored.

    Managing the GoCD server process

    The GoCD server script must be run with one of the following arguments:

    Script Description
    ./bin/go-server console The GoCD server will be started in the foreground
    ./bin/go-server start The GoCD server will be started as a daemon in the background
    ./bin/go-server stop The GoCD server will be stopped
    ./bin/go-server restart The GoCD server will be restarted

    Once the GoCD server is started the GoCD server will be started and it will print out the URL for the Dashboard page. This will be http://localhost:8153/go

    Location of GoCD server files

    The GoCD server installs its files in the following locations on your filesystem:

    Location Description
    ${INSTALL_DIR}/db the GoCD server database
    ${INSTALL_DIR}/artifacts the GoCD server artifacts
    ${INSTALL_DIR}/plugins the GoCD server plugins
    ${INSTALL_DIR}/config the GoCD server configuration
    ${INSTALL_DIR}/logs the GoCD server log files
    ${INSTALL_DIR}/{lib,wrapper} the GoCD server binaries and startup scripts
    ${INSTALL_DIR}/wrapper-config/wrapper-properties.conf the configuration file to alter GoCD server properties

    Overriding default startup arguments and environment

    Users can override default startup arguments in a editing the file ./wrapper-config/wrapper-properties.conf.

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