Mac OS X

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    Installing GoCD server on Mac OS X


    1. Double-click the file downloaded from the downloads page to unzip the contents.
    2. Drag the GoCD server application to the Applications folder.
    3. Double-click on the Go icon to open the launcher.
    4. While the GoCD server is starting up, you’ll see a progress bar in the top left of your screen.

      GoCD server OSX startup

    5. Once the GoCD server has started, it will open your default browser to the GoCD dashboard page (defaults to: http://localhost:8153).

    6. To get back to the GoCD dashboard page when the server is running, click on the link in the About box of the GoCD server.

    Override environment variables (Mac OSX installer)

    You can override default environment variables by:

    1. Overriding them during startup when starting from the terminal

      PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin open /Applications/Go\
    2. Overriding them using a file ~/Library/Application Support/Go Server/overrides.env. This file is sourced during server startup, and it can be setup to change environment variables.


    Location of GoCD server files

    The GoCD server installs its files in the following locations on your filesystem:

    /Applications/Go             # The GoCD server application
    ~/Library/Application Support/Go Server # The server directory

    Some logging information is also written to /var/log/system.log

    Copying existing config to a new GoCD Server instance

    You can replicate a GoCD server with all the pipeline, stage, job, tasks and materials definitions/configuration intact.

    To do this, the administrator should copy /etc/go/cruise-config.xml from the config directory (/etc/go) to the new server and clear serverId attribute of server tag.

    Note: Copying just the cruise-config.xml file will not migrate the historical pipeline data and artifacts. Please see the page on backing up the GoCD Server to fully migrate an existing GoCD server.

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