Mac OS X

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    Installing GoCD agent on Mac OS X

    Note: Installation of GoCD agent on Mac OSX has been changed since GoCD version 19.3.0. If you are on an older version, please refer this document


    1. Download the Mac OSX installer for GoCD Agent from the downloads page.
    2. Unzip the contents. It creates a subfolder with the name go-agent-${version}
    3. Open a command prompt and go to the folder.
    4. To start the server, run:

       bin/go-agent start -serverUrl https://your-server-host:8154/go


    Start the agent:

    console {JavaAppArgs}   : The agent will be started in the current console
    start {JavaAppArgs}     : The agent will start in the background as a
                              daemon process.
    restart {JavaAppArgs}   : The agent will stop if running and a fresh
                              instance will started.

    Stop the agent:

    stop                    : Stops the agent if it is running as a daemon or
                              in console.

    Overriding default startup arguments and environment

    • Open the file go-agent-${version}/conf/wrapper-properties.conf.example
    • Copy any specific properties, or add new properties from go-agent-${version}/conf/wrapper.conf into this file. Be sure to increment the property index if you’re adding any new properties.
    • For e.g. to override the -Xmx to 12GB, override -

      # config/wrapper-properties.conf
    • To append additional JVM args to the agent

      # conf/wrapper.conf
      # We recommend you begin with index 100 for  ""
    • Each property must be configured separately

      # Having a single property for multiple configurations is invalid, e.g"'bar' -Dcruise.config.other='baz'"
      Valid properties,

      Please note : If the bin/go-agent as an application is run by any user, then this user needs to have these required permissions to the go-agent-${version} folder, i.e. modify, read and execute, list folder contents and read permissions.

    • Rename the said file to remove the .example extension.

    Location of GoCD Agent files

    All the files for the GoCD agent are under the go-agent-${version} folder.

    Registering your agent with the server

    For security reasons, all newly installed Go agents need to be enabled on the Go server before work is assigned to them. This prevents an unauthorized person from getting access to your source code. To enable a newly installed Go agent, do the following:

    1. Open the Go server dashboard
    2. Follow the instructions here to find the agent you’ve just installed on the list and add the agent to your cloud. The Go server will now schedule work for this agent.