Trigger with a different revision of material

GoCD supports a Trigger with option that allows you to run the pipeline with a specific revision of the material(s).

Trigger with options

Trigger with options


The following information are displayed for the last 5 revisions. For an SCM material, the following information is shown

  • Revision hash or pipeline label
  • Committer
  • Check-in comment for the revision
  • Check-in time of the revision

For a pipeline material, the pipeline label and the corresponding run time is shown

Choosing the revision

You can choose one of the revisions and then click on Trigger Pipeline button.

If you want to trigger with a revision other than the 5 that is displayed, you can specify information related to this in the text box provided. You can search for all or part of

  • revision hash/pipeline label
  • committer name
  • check-in comment

GoCD will find matches and display the same. One of the matches can be chosen and the build triggered.

Trigger with options search

Environment and secure variables

If the pipeline has environment and/or secure variables configured, additional tabs will be displayed to allow you to override these values.

Trigger with options and environment variables

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