Clone/Copy an Existing Agents

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    Setting up a new agent by cloning an existing agent in GoCD

    Clone the agent

    An easy way to set up a new agent is to clone an existing one which is already set up and is known to work correctly. You can clone an agent in a couple different ways:

    • Copy the entire agent directory structure to a new location (can be on the same machine or on a different one).
    • If you use a virtual machine to run your agent, clone the entire VM.

    Remove duplicate GUID

    Once the agent has been cloned, you’ll need to delete the GUID and token files so that GoCD server does not confuse the new agent for the old one. The GUID and token files can be found at [agent working dir]/config/guid.txt & [agent working dir]/config/token - delete these files from the new agent.

    Approve the new agent

    You may now start your agent and it should appear under the Agents tab on the GoCD server. Approve it as you would any new agent and you’re ready to go.